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‘My presidency is about challenging you.’

CILT President’s Inauguration

‘My presidency is about challenging you.’

Robin Proctor, President, CILT.

The highest attendance in more than a decade gathered at the CILT President’s Inauguration Lunch, held at The RAF Club, London, to welcome Robin Proctor as the new President of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT(UK)).

Robin Proctor took to the lectern to deliver his opening speech as President of CILT, a rallying call to members to invest in professional development, engage with the ‘Snapchat generation’ and drive change and inspire innovation within the profession.

Professionalise the profession

‘Throughout my career, businesses have invested in me and my professional development, and that is something that I want to encourage members to do. My presidency is about challenging you. You have a responsibility to actively promote how the Institute can inspire professional development for you and your colleagues.

‘We are all on a journey to professionalise this great profession. It is more critical than ever that you and other members lead the way in making sure that you and your colleagues embrace the Institute as a vehicle to develop your teams and challenge our Fellows and senior members to make sure they are putting their peers through the accreditation of our Institute.’

CILT President’s Inauguration

People are the key

‘People are the key and no more so than during the uncertain times that we are faced with today. The only way to take action is through people, the only things that can make decisions are people and therefore you have to have the right people behind you with the right development to ensure you succeed.

‘It is imperative that we look into and promote the ways in which we can develop our colleagues to engage with CILT, becoming active members and developing their knowledge and their network. You need to tell them just how much resonance being a part of this Institute has with employers.

‘The two previous Presidents have laid out why you must invest in your people. Will Whitehorn has worked tirelessly to focus on the fantastic revolution in technology and the changes in lifestyles and customer expectations that come from it, and under Beverley Bell we were urged to play our part in actively engaging with and encouraging a new generation of logistics and transport professionals.

‘In reality, however, it is not Kevin Richardson, Richard Wilding, Beverley, Will or me who will make the difference, it’s you, our members; you are the professionals who can influence your colleagues and their careers.’

The one certainty

‘We should remember that only one thing is certain in these uncertain times: more, well-trained professionals will be needed to take action.

‘Our industry is being driven by technology. The technology revolution is now upon us and will have a far bigger and lasting effect than Brexit ever will. It is only people who can predict and react to the rapidly changing and uncertain environment that we are faced with, the power to achieve that is not uncertain; the power to achieve that is in you and your fellow members.’

CILT President’s Inauguration

During the event, more than £1,100 was raised for Transaid. A full interview with Robin Proctor, looking at his career and his plans for the year as President of CILT, can be found in the May issue of Focus.

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