CILT Students from Koshys Institute of Management Studies visit DTDC’s Hub in Domlur

March 17, 2018

CILT students thoroughly enjoyed learning the inner workings of DTDC’s Hub Centre in Domlur.

CILT South India Project (CILTSIP) recently organised an industrial visit for the Batch of 2018 - CILT Diploma from Koshys Institute of Management Studies.


"Getting first-hand exposure to your industry is priceless when you are yet to start your career".


One gets to see how different departments interact and coordinate towards delivering a package. You also deepen your understanding of core logistics concepts without having to memorize them from books.


"CILT Students broke the ice with the DTDC’s team quickly showing their eagerness to learn". 


What did they learn from the industrial visit?

Let us hear from them





CILT Student from Koshys Institute of Management Studies



Hi, I am going to share with you, my insights into different departments of a regional branch centre. A regional branch of DTDC can be divided into 5 departments. 

1. Booking


Through the Franchises and Retail Counters the customers book their shipments to be sent to different destinations. Each shipment will contain a tracking number.



2. Sorting


The sorting team will sort the shipments according to the destination pin-codes and will reach different delivery hubs pan India. Each shipment is kept in a specific rack or place for identification. The sorting team will scan the shipment’s tracking number to be uploaded online.


3. Dispatching


Back-end Operation team will then prepare manifest, a document containing the details of each shipment to be sent to different delivery hubs. The shipments are packed in the mother bag for each delivery hub.  


4. Tracking


Through the help of GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) software and Tracking Numbers the tracking team will determine the shipment’s location and time taken to reach the destination.


5. Customer Service Support


The CSS team will answer customer’s queries related to their shipment status through designated call and email support.


6. Packaging


The team will undertake the safety of each shipment with the help of a standard packaging system. They will package the shipment depending upon its size, weight, fragility and the level of possible damage.


7. IT


The smooth functioning of all computers and software within the LAN makes sure the chain of operations are executed at its optimum speed and quality.






CILT Student from Koshys Institute of Management Studies



Hi, I would like to share, what I learnt about DTDC’s Products.


Customers have the option to ship their package in the way they desire. DTDC offers different products and pricing plans based on each customer’s requirement and the nature of the shipment.


The company’s products can be classified into different “series”.


Each series indicates a specific pricing, time of delivery, mode of transport and the destination route. The customer chooses the series that best meet his/her requirement.



DTDC’s series of delivering a package are as follows:


F  – Normal delivery of packages with no specified time or date

V - Day bound delivery i.e. the package should reach within a specified date

E  – Time bound delivery i.e. the package should reach within a specified time

N  – International delivery 

D Heavy and bulk shipments usually weighing more than 5 kg 

I Shipments delivered on COD (cash on delivery) and FOD (freight over delivery) basis

X  – Delivery on priority

I3 Delivery through a third party logistics company



"To summarize, the students experienced a slice of the real world, a lasting lesson from senior CILT students, and a worthy chat with the movers and shakers of logistics".

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