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Guaranteed Job after Course Completion

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Program Offered by Prolific HR

Functional Training and Leadership Program 

Program Description:

The CILT Functional Training and Leadership Program is designed for students to gain hands-on workplace experience and render them as problem-solvers for their organisation.


Learners of this program can become practitioners in logistics operations with the freedom to master techniques across multiple support functions within the supply chain.

Features Overview:


This program offers students the advantage of self-paced study for the duration of the course followed by Internship. Get in-the-field learning with CILT's industrial attachment. Help students become young professionals faster with CILT SIP's apprenticeship program.


Connect to global logistics and supply chain industry with the help of CILT's professional networks. Get students to qualify for pivotal positions and be recognised as a CILT student member across the world. Help students get recruited into reputed brands with Prolific HR's placement services.


Apprenticeship with Stipend

Earn a monthly stipend as an apprentice, create new connections as a beginning professional and leverage your apprenticeship foundation for a progressive career in 
supply chain and logistics.


CILT International Qualification

Get early recognition in your career and visibility among upcoming talents across all hiring portals of CILT global partners. Qualify for a variety of job opportunities in the logistics and supply chain sectors.


Practical experience through Industrial Attachment

Understand a logistics structure from the inside and gain insights into how to manage warehousing, inventory levels, transportation and information flows. 


Placement Support after completion of the Program

Find attractive job opportunities from Prolific HR's experienced recruiting services. Use your qualification to apply for broad range of professions in couriers, logistics, inventory, consulting, BPO, banking, IT and Back-End Administration.

A Qualification that you can build upon all through your career

International Diploma in Logistics and
Supply Chain Management

DIP -01

Level - 5

Management in Logistics & Transport


  • Internal Organisation Dynamics

  • External Organisation Dynamics

  • People Management

  • Business Planning

DIP - 08

Level - 5

Production Management


  • The Concepts of Production Planning

  • Fundamentals of Production Planning

  • Current Manufacturing and Materials Planning Systems

  • Managing Material Flows Through a Production Process

DIP - 02

Level - 5

Supply Chain Management


  • The Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Planning

  • Supply Chain Operations

  • Supply Chain Improvement

DIP - 13

Level - 5

Warehouse Management


  • The Role of the Warehouse in Logistics Strategy

  • Warehouse Operational Procedures and Processes

  • Technology in the Warehouse

  • Warehouse Cost Management and Performance Controls

DIP - 05

Level - 5

Inventory Management


  • What is Inventory Management?

  • Inventory Principles

  • Modern Inventory Systems

  • Managing Inventory Through a Network

Student Gallery
CILT Functional Training and Leadership Program 
Alumni Student Status
Expertise, Training and Placement, all-in-one solution for Educators

Standing-out as an educator is an uphill battle. There is constant challenge to match subject expertise to ongoing market innovations or suffer the dearth of skills created by an industry's exclusivity. These factors directly add to the problem of students disconnect, brand's regression and substantial investment wasted upon hiring and deployment of inhouse expertise and trainers.  


With CILT's professional programs, you can deploy an independent learning plus qualification track for your institute to leverage expertise, training and student placement all in one place. You save a crucial amount of training investment and see students progress into erudite professionals in the field of logistics and supply chain management. 


Create a reliable

career route for students.


Deploy a strong training and employment program that students are excited to take up.


Turn more students into happy advocates of your institute with a personalized placement strategy.

Get recognised as an International Training and Qualification Provider in Logistics and SCM.

The primary goal of this program is to ignite student's resilience in the face of industry's highly-driven employment domains.

Students entering the industrial arena are required to develop a wide variety of capabilities to deal with risks associated with factors such as greater distances, longer lead-times and a decrease in market knowledge. Logistics and supply chain management professionals must be aware that in spite of complexities, one must be competent to resolve concerns and complications that are causing barriers to day-to-day operations. The course has been curated to provide the expertise for students to progress into leadership roles within their departments.

Our educational qualifications and trainings have been developed strictly to match with the overall standards needed to develop logistics, supply chain and transport professionals across the globe. Each qualification has been evaluated against key knowledge areas and skills that need to be demonstrated, and undergo regular assessment from a team of academics and practitioners. Our programs help you satisfy the educational requirements for our Chartered Membership and other Membership levels.

Why train with CILT?

We are true to our motto "stronger together". Our partners come from varied backgrounds and ethnicities yet we unite as one community in raising the standards for the professionals of supply chain and logistics. We continue to serve companies of all sizes from top global brands to small firms who display passion for this industry.

Transport and logistics are key enablers for the world’s economic development and prosperity. They dictate how you get to your destination, how you get your products, how you meet your customer order, how you do your business.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) supports the professionals who plan the roads, drive the trucks, bring in the raw materials, and store the goods safely. We are the leading international voice for supply chain, logistics and transport.

Have Questions? Call us and we will help you understand this program in detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Duration of course study?

As a guide, students should allow around 12 months to complete the program.

What roles can students apply for after completing internship?

Students have the option to progress within their internship role to a permanent position or migrate to a different department of interest.

How to study for the course?

Students can complete their study online with the help of CILT SIP's E-learning Platform.

After the internship?

Students will gain recognition among CILT's global professional network and boost their career prospects. You will be able to use your qualification internationally to show your level of knowledge and competence. This qualification is transferable in all CILT countries which means you can continue to grow with us all through your career anywhere in the world. With the help of CILT's enhanced networking opportunities and continuous professional development programs, you can interact, collaborate or even join with peers and experts of your profession. 

Purchase CILT Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Mgt.
Inventory Checking

CILT International Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

CILT South India Project

  • DIP 01, DIP 02, DIP 05, DIP 08 and DIP 13

  • Online Learning Platform

  • On the Job Training

  • Guaranteed Job Placement after Program Completion

  • CILT Certificate of Completion

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₹ 120000
Are you a student looking to join this program? Get in touch with us.

Anindyo Mukhopadhyay

Project Director, CILT International

Bengaluru, South India

+91 90362 48932

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