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Gain recognition as a seasoned and highly qualified professional
Become a master in logistics knowledge and techniques
Invite high paying positions wherever you are in the world

Become a renowned business leader

Drive your organisation's growth  

Why CILT Advance Diploma?

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Earn your CILT International Diploma now.

We are consistently building on our modular course structure, so that new units of study will be constantly developed to meet the needs of business and industry, responding to our global community.

Staying a powerful professional

About the course

The focus of this course is on strategic logistics and transportation management. Issues in this area will be explored in depth and at a relatively advanced level. The student is expected to fully understand concepts and ideas around strategy and demonstrate competence in actually applying strategic thinking.

Successful completion of the International Advanced Diploma, together with a minimum of four years appropriate experience, meets the eligibility criteria for membership upgrade to Chartered Member (CMILT) of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Who is this course for?

Operating at Level 6 (degree standard) this qualification is designed for the next generation of business leaders, helping operational managers and technical specialists to think strategically, carry out in-depth research and stretch their knowledge and competence.

Course Duration

This qualification is studied part time due to the nature of the course and generally students will be employed in management positions, or aspiring to reach this level. Assessment is by examination and an assessed individual study.

What will I learn?

To achieve success at the CILT Advanced Diploma qualification students must complete
five mandatory units, as detailed in the Table below.

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ADIP-01 Strategic Contexts

ADIP-02 Leadership and Strategic Management

ADIP-03 Strategic Network Planning

ADIP-04 Delivering Strategic Performance

ADIP-05 Research Methods and Professional Project

How to study?

You will be provided access to our e-learning platform that houses the course content. You will also be in contact with a mentor through Skype, supporting you to successfully complete the course modules and the assignments set out for you.

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CILT Level 6

International Advanced Diploma

CILT South India Project

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