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Why CILT Certificate?

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We are consistently building on our modular course structure, so that new units of study will be constantly developed to meet the needs of business and industry, responding to our global community.


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About the course

The CILT Certificate in Logistics and Transport is designed to provide a sound foundation for a career within the transport and supply chain fields and to provide learners with a complete set of management skills.

Who is this course for?

The Certificate is aimed at team leaders, new supervisors or aspiring managers. It is also recommended for anyone making a career change.

Course Duration

The guided learning hours required for study of the International Certificate are set as 240 hours which includes classroom and self- study hours.  This is allocated as 80 hours per unit for a minimum of 3 units. 

What will I learn?

To achieve the CILT International Certificate, all candidates must study and pass the two mandatory units and one optional unit.The units that make up the Certificate level course are as follows:


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M1-L3 Business Theory
M2-L3 Business Application



O1-L3 Warehousing
O2-L3 Inventory
O3-L3 Passenger Transport Operations
O4-L3 Procurement
O5-L3 Freight Transport Operations
O7-L3 Supply Chain Operations
O8-L3 Transport Planning
O9-L3 Green Logistics
O10-L3 Global Logistics
O11-L3 Port Operations

How to study?

You will be provided access to our e-learning platform that houses the course content. You will also be in contact with a mentor through Skype supporting you to successfully complete the course modules and the assignments set out for you.

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International Certificate

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