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CILT South India Project


India is one of two key growth countries identified in our CILT strategy.
South India has active education providers in 3 key cities which is a potential base for a growth initiative in India. 
The project would provide dedicated resource on the ground in South India to drive membership and education growth. The project would support the existing initiative in Kochi and Bengaluru to expand the number of students and accredited education providers.
The project strategy is to create a model for regional growth that can be then used elsewhere in CILT India and on other regions in the CILT world.

Key Objectives & KPI’s

  • 1000 new members in 2017

  • 1000 new students in 2017 

  • Network activities for members in each of the 3 main cities every quarter by mid 2017 i.e. 2 network events in each of Chennai, Bengaluru and Kochi by the end of 2017

  • A plan for an event every quarter in each city in 2017

  • Young Professional groups established in each of the 3 cities by mid 2017

  • Income stream to self support the role by 2017

The Project Sponsors & Management Group


CILT International will provide the finance for the first 12 months of the role and thereafter finding for the role will have to be provided by CILT India based on the project then being self supporting from February 2017.

Management Group

The objectives and KPIs will be set by a management group comprising of the International Secretary General (UK), Professional Development Coordinator (UK), Director – Business Development (India) and Director – Learning and Development (India). 


This group will review a monthly pack of performance measures and progress reports provided by the job holder at the end of each calendar month. This review will be conducted by a monthly teleconference with the opportunity to ask questions and to identify issues and opportunities.

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